roa motorcycles

ROA MOTORCYCLES is a company founded at the end of 2014 with the purpose of following in the footsteps of the historical original R.O.A  brand and creating new and exclusive motorcycle masterpieces. 

The goal in this challenge is to be able to bring back the ROA spirit  to the modern day motorcycle market and to continue the dream that Rafael Onieva Ariza (founder of R.O.A), my grandfather, started back in the Spain of the fifties.

I have always been passionately dedicated to the modification and preparation of motorcycles in my free time, since early youth, and  have decided to make, from my hobby, something professional and to share with the world.

I have always been involved in all aspects of Design and as the young founder of ROA MOTORCYCLES and grandson of Rafael, my experience is not only as an industrial designer as  I also formerly practiced in an Architectural studio, so I have developed new and different lines of creativity in this unique way.

Our biggest defect is our demand for perfection and detailing, I think that they are the most important elements for an exclusive and unique motorcycle to be differentiated and valued in another way, a ROA symbol.

Jaime Fenwick. Founder ROA Motorcycles.

In the link below we detail the true story of R.O.A in his most outstanding times: