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Report by the online magazine

In this issue 63 of the magazine "Moto 1 Pro magazine" you can read the story of the birth of this mysterious cafe racer that has had its little complications and unexpected moments throughout the project that are quite disturbing and make one think more
This successful magazine wanted to embark on a cafe racer project sponsored by the best brands to make known all the processes involved in a motorcycle of these characteristics.
The base of the bike, a zephyr 1100 of the 90
Click on the image below and read the entire report, called, "the cursed sapphire"

"The project" in the magazine - revival of the machine - number 8

In this issue 63 of the magazine "revival of the machine" we can read about the project realized in the kawasaki zephyr 1100, in particular our ROA NUMER0 10.
Also the well-known story about events that have happened in the construction of the same and anecdotes that are to remember.

A great report thanks to our friends of "REVIVAL OF THE MACHINE !!!"